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What I Know About God

$ 11.00 USD

Have you ever considered that God does not do over? That a missed opportunity is no longer available to you?

What I Know About God is a series of understandings a grandmother shares with a spiritually unique ten year old girl whose reason for being is tied to a serial killer. She was born to stop him.

The stories Grace tell her granddaughter are based on true events.



Blood of Their Sons

$ 11.00 USD

What does it mean to be the first-born female of the first-born female of generations of first-born women? Grace learns the price of their heritage. And, unknowingly, her pregnant daughter is about to pay.

Written as a fictional biography, Blood of Their Sons takes us on a metaphysical journey that examines the consequences of denying our unique innate gifts and the spirit meant to guide us. Even when we accept them, there is a price we pay. 



$ 12.00 USD


What is the price of a secret?  Would you kill to protect it?  

 The Scent of Gardenia: A Killing in Princeville goes into the shadows of homosexuality in a small black town in the south. During Hurricane Floyd that devastated the oldest black incorporated town in America, caskets washed from the ground. Inside one is a white woman buried there over thirty years before. Her return is the price of that secret.

The Scent of Gardenia begins as a tale of murder, secrets and lies. It ends as a story of belonging, sacrifice and love. Throughout, it is a search for truth.


I really enjoyed reading "The Scent of Gardenia".  After the first 10 pages I was hooked into the intrigue and genius that this book reveals.  It prompts thoughtful reflection and provocative insight into the human psyche as it tells what happened in Princeville. 

It will make you laugh and cry and pray!  Just when you think you've figured it out, a new twist occurs. 

If you like mystery you will love it!  If you like romance you will love it!  If you love reading...this is your book!  

You will love it!
W.L. McNair -

WOW! That was DAMN Good!!

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
RR -


Couldn't put it down!

MY -



$ 23.64 USD

What can the mind conjure in just four minutes. This collection of poems and photography definitively answers that question.  (Nikki Smith & Tamika Brown)

Spirit of Peace cd

$ 6.45 USD

Take a journey from frustration to peace in this 20-minute cd of four spoken word poems.  (J.Dove-Miller)

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