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This is an open letter to book clubs and groups to encourage support for local, regional and independent authors. Please invite your members to search us out and sponsor at a meeting as frequently as possible. The authors you've read and will read in the future owe their start to readers like you. You have the power to help launch your neighbors into the national reading market. 


If you're an individual who enjoys reading, let us entertain, enlighten, empower you. The difference between us and traditionally-known authors is less about talent and more about visibility and the number of books sold. 


Being a self-published author no longer carries the stigma of inferiority it may once have. Many mainstream authors began their careers as self-publishers. The challenge many of us face is the sheer number of writers seeking out the few agents and publishers that dominate the mainstream industry.  So, we are calling upon you to read our stories, share our work, and promote our talent.


Invite us to your discussions. It is an amazing, enlightening experience for us and can be a unique experience for readers to share with and question the author directly. 

Secondly, as you schedule your meetings, please consider  independent booksellers, small businesses, and galleries in your area. They'd love to host your event.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


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