Mary Elle B Smith writes spirituality and paranormal mysteries.


The Scent of Gardenia

Set in eastern North Carolina, in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd, the body of a white woman washes up from a black cemetery. Who is she, and why was she buried there over thirty years ago with her unborn child?


What I Know About God

The birth of an intellectually gifted 10-year old girl has a purpose about to be revealed.  It will take her to the world of a serial killer. The answer to justice lies within  Beda - a garden she call beauti-ful death.

What I Know About God is not a book about religion, It is a point of view about humanity, self-identity and convictions that inform the conscious recognition of both.


Blood of Their Sons

What does it mean to be the first-born female of the first-born female of generations of first borns who are women? There is a price for the gifts attached to the legacy. The secret of that price comes at the expense of a baby boy about to be born. 

 katt eyze


We all dream of romance. And no one dreams as vividly, or tells them with as much eroticism as the characters Katt bring to life. 


blaque the author


A young man explores religion, race and culture in a collection of novels and children's stories that all conclude in inspiration.


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nikki s smith


What story can you weave in a matter of minutes?  How do you blend wit, humor, intellect and soul in unforgettable prose? 



A pictorial book of photography taken on a trek across Europe is set against the workings of a critical mind conveyed through poetry that is real, raw and revealing.

tamika brown


A poetically masterful demostrater of what roams within the heart and mind.



Tamika is co-author of this intriguing collection of wit, intellect and soul. 


  kwame osei moyo


Moyo, Kwame Osei, born as Thomas C Saunders , African American civil rights, political and community activist. He has lectured on substance abuse at the University of Winneba located in Winneba Ghana West Africa and spent much time with the Maasai tribesmen in Narok Kenya. He says with humor that he received his doctorate Degree from UCLA (Under the Corner of Lenox Avenue)


The Demon Within 


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jacqueline dove-miller


No one captures the depth of all the phases of a woman's heart, soul and spirit as beautifully and fully as JD-M. Her spoken-word poetry takes you deep, feeds your spirit and brings you back renewed and hopeful.



  ahmad daniels, M.Ed

Ahmad Daniels, M.Ed. is the driving force behind Creative Interchange whose mission is to "Enhance personal and social capital through changed philosophies, personal empowerment and self-actualization."
His book, "Forty Clues to Self-Actualization for African American Men" is a must read for any man on the road to self-awareness and personal enlightenment. 


To Your Journey

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 sharry d spencer

The Storm is Over   is an inspira-tional story of the life of a twelve-year-old Southern girl, Diane, raised in poverty in the fifties with seven brothers and sisters. Diane´s journey covers a span of sixty-three years and highlights her childhood, young adulthood and culminates in the writing of this story.

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